Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Fruit Pulp & Concentrates
Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Processing & Co-packaging
Processing & Co-packaging
Salient Features:
One of the most hygienic Juice processing and packing line
Gives shelf life of six months in ambient temperature
Tetra Pak TBA 19 Filler 7500 PPH
2200 LPH to 6600 LPH Capacity Juice Line with Critical components from Tetra Pak.
Option to add additional Juice Line as space is available in existing building.
Operating Model:
Leasing of Juice line to interested parties; Preference will be given to new entrepreneurs at any given time
Lease would not be on a dedicated or exclusivity model to encourage new players in the market.
Customers for Tetrapak facility would bring the packing material that is preordered from Tetrapak with there packing design, recipes and raw material (Pulp, Sugar, and any other additives) and pay per pack processing charges.
Plant and Machinery:
Sugar Syrup preparation
Pulp Dumping
Blending section with recipe management
CIP equipment
Tetrapak Filler
Bottle Filler
Tetrapak Filler will be refurbished TBA19 model that can fill 7500 PPH of 200 ML slim pack.
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